Construction Health & Safety

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 have specific Health and Safety responsibilities for individuals concerned with construction projects, as follows:

  • The Client has to appoint, and co-operate with, a competent Principal Designer.
  • The Principal Designer (previously called a "CDM Coordinator") has to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate Health and Safety during the pre-construction phase of a project.
  • Designers (i.e. anyone preparing drawings and specifications such as Architects, Structural Engineers and Surveyors) have to identify hazards and ensure that the design includes a hierarchy of risk control.
  • The Principal Contractor (appointed by the Client) has to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the construction phase of a project - including the development of a Health and Safety Plan.
  • Contractors - also have a role to ensure their own activities are planned, managed and monitored during the construction phase.

MD Safety Management works with Clients, Principal Contractors and Contractors in an advisory role - helping them discharge their duties.

To assist Clients we can ensure that all the parties involved in the project are effectively discharging their duties both from a project documentation perspective and also on the site where the documentation should be adhered to on a day-to-day basis.  This service is via specific consultancy services.

To assist the Principal Contractor, we provide:

  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans (the size and complexity of which are proportionate to the project).
  • Construction Chain Contractor Assessments.
  • Project Audits.
  • Project Health and Safety Inspections.
  • Representation at Meetings.
  • Site Training (Induction, Tool Box Talks, etc.)
  • Project Training (e.g. Asbestos Awareness, RPE Face Fit Testing, Work at height, Manual Handling, etc.).

Ensuring compliance with CDM 2015 helps to:

  • Comply with legal and Client requirements.
  • Avoid accidents.
  • Avoid HSE Enforcement action.
  • Improve project efficiency.
  • Encourage interaction between contractors.

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