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Employer responsibilities have changed regarding workplace COVID management.  Do you know what you need to do?

Despite the withdrawal of the Covid-19 self-isolation "domestic restrictions" it will be left to employers to determine what rules will be ncesary for their workplaces/operations to ensure that the spread of Coronavirus can be countered.

There has been a heavy weighting on the term "domestic" in the announceent of the withdrawal of the rules under the Gvernment's plan to "live with Covid".

However, as a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 employers will still has a duty of care to provide a place of work that is as safe as is reasonably practicable.

“So an employer would be wise to continue not to allow those infected with Covid to come to work where they may infect others.”

Despite now not an explici requirement Companies will still need to undertake a Risk Assessment in some form.

The HSE are also loking to see if Companies have undertaken a Stress Risk Assessment to identify those who are now at risk due to the effects of the last couple of years.

The new Government workplace guidance can be found here:

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