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If your Risk Assessment has identified that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is needed to control airborne hazards, then how do you know if it is effective if you do not also undertake training?  Read on to find out more.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) stands as a vital shield against unseen airborne hazards such as particles and dusts.

However, the effectiveness of RPE hinges on proper training to make sure the dust masks that you supply to your workers actually fit them properly.  This is called "Face Fit" training and has to be undertaken on an individual basis.

The training makes sure the mask fits properly and provides an effective seal on an individual's face. The aim of face fit training is to minimise the risk of hazardous airborne particles, gases, or vapors entering the respiratory system through gaps between the face and the mask.  

During face fit training, participants learn the correct techniques for donning, adjusting, and wearing their RPE to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.  

Training should not just be about fitting the mask as a one-off exercise, however.  Workers need to understand the importance of wearing the mask - that exposure to hazardous dusts is an on-going threat that can lead to respiratory diseases later on in life.  Training empowers employees to wear and maintain their equipment, guaranteeing optimal protection against hazardous airborne agents.

If you provide masks but don't back this up with Face Fit training, then your staff are at risk and the Company is also at risk of negligence claims and compliance consequences.

Contact MD Safety to get your staff Face Fit trained.  Our consultant has been trained by the Health and Safety Laboratories (HSL) (a part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)) so you can be assured that you will have robust outcomes from the process.

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